qualification instruction

A Bidder Candidate who has met registration requirements and is invited to qualification must collect the Qualification Evaluation Document on the date and location specified in their Tender Registration Result Notification and Qualification Invitation letter or announcement.

If a Bidder Candidate does not collect their Qualification Evaluation Document they cannot follow the next step in the tender process.

In case of the Bidder Candidate is requested to submit Compliance Qualification Questionnaire and/or Financial Qualification Questionnaire and/or IP Qualification Questionnaire, and Bidder Candidate registers as a partnership through Consortium, the obligation to submit the above-mentioned Qualification Questionnaires applies for all Consortium’s member.

To ease the evaluation process, the Bidder Candidate shall arrange the Qualification Document in 4 different folders/binders by following the below arrangement:

I. Admin/Legal Document

II. Technical Qualification Document

III. Compliance, Financial and Information Protection Qualification Document

IV. HSE Qualification Document (K3LL)/CHESM

Further instructions on documents and links to forms can be found below. Most of tender documents are provided in Bahasa Indonesia.