feature chevron and pertamina explore lower carbon opportunities in Indonesia

Chevron has partnered with Pertamina to explore lower carbon business opportunities in Indonesia to serve local and potentially regional customers.

why it matters?

The partnership between Chevron and Pertamina is part of efforts from both companies to support the Government of Indonesia’s energy transition objectives. Chevron has a long history of supporting innovation. We strive to apply our internal capabilities and longstanding partnership approach toward developing and commercializing breakthrough technologies, including those that enable lower carbon solutions.

Jeff Gustavson, President of Chevron New Energies

by the numbers

The Indonesian government has set a target to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) emission target in 2060 or sooner.

The Indonesian government also has an energy transition roadmap as part of the Grand National Energy Strategy, in which the use of renewable energy is targeted to reach 23% by 2025.

what our people are saying

“We are excited to build upon Chevron’s nearly 100-year history in Indonesia. This MoU demonstrates Chevron and Pertamina’s commitment to continue identifying lower carbon opportunities through collaboration and partnership between Chevron, national energy companies, and governments, all of which have a shared interest in advancing national energy transition,” said Jeff Gustavson, President of Chevron New Energies. “Through our potential work in Indonesia, and the entire Asia Pacific region, we hope to provide affordable, reliable, ever-cleaner energy, and help the industries and customers who use our products advance their lower carbon goals.”

more on that

Chevron and Pertamina plan to consider novel geothermal technologies; carbon offsets through nature-based solutions; carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS); as well as lower carbon hydrogen development, production, storage, and transport.