press release rokan block transition achieves significant progress

Pekanbaru, 15 March 2021 – The transition process for the handover of Rokan Block working area, Riau, continues to show significant progress. PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (PT CPI), as the current operator of the Rokan Block, has completed the majority of asset data collection and has handed over data on production, exploration and operational support activities to the Government of Indonesia through Satuan Kerja Khusus Pelaksana Kegiatan Usaha Hulu Minyak dan Gas Bumi (SKK Migas).

PT CPI has also started to share this data with PT Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR), as the next Rokan Block operator, so that the transition process can run smoothly.  “Our company is committed to implement a safe, reliable and smooth transition process for Rokan Block so that it can continue to provide optimum benefit to the state and people of Indonesia. Going forward, we hope that the handover process for Rokan Block can become a future point of reference for transition of other oil and gas working area in Indonesia,” stated Sonitha Poernomo, Manager Corporate Communication of PT CPI.

From August 2020 to date, PT CPI has submitted all data listed in the termination checklist to SKK Migas. This includes datarelated to geology and geophysics, permits, standard operating procedures (SOP), production facilities, land, procurement of goods and services contracts, human resources, and community development programs. PT CPI prioritized and completed the data handover process ahead of schedule in order to support a smooth transition process.

The Production Sharing Contract for the Rokan Block will expire on 9 August 2021, at which time PT CPI will handover the oil and gas block to the Government of Indonesia. The Rokan Block is one of the largest oil and gas blocks in Indonesia, covering seven regencies/cities within Riau Province, and including 5 main fields, Duri, Minas, Bekasap and Kotabatak, and many smaller fields.

As part of this transition process, PT CPI is coordinating extensively with SKK Migas and PHR on various technical aspects of the transition process.  “Our company is very proud of the commitment of its employees. In the middle of preparations for the handover, they continue to focus on operating Rokan Block safely and reliably. Last year, we were able to fulfil the production target set out by the Government,” explained Sonitha.

As evidence of its commitment to maintain production during the transition period, PT CPI commenced an incremental drilling program at the end of December 2020 in accordance withthe Heads of Agreement (HoA) between SKK Migas and PT CPI signed in September 2020. “The HOA is critical to help slow the natural production decline prior to the handover of Rokan Block and continue to help fulfil the energy needs of Indonesia,” according to Sonitha.

She continued that PT CPI is proud of the partnership that been ongoing for more than 96 years with the local communities and the Government of Indonesia. During this long history, PT CPI has been able to optimize oil production from this strategic asset in order to support the fulfillment of national energy needs, state revenue, economic growth, and public welfare.

“Coinciding with 97 years of Chevron in Indonesia, we are proud to be the leader and pioneer in the oil and gas industry, and most admired for its people, performance and partnership,” said Sonitha.

PT CPI is the Contractor of Cooperation Contract operating Rokan Block in Riau on behalf of the Government of Indonesia. In carrying out Rokan’s operation, PT CPI works under the supervision and control of SKK Migas. With the innovation and commitment of its talented and dedicated employees, PT CPI has developed the Rokan field on behalf of the Government to become one of the largest crude oil producing fields in Indonesia.