press release PT CPI facilitates research for unilak and malaysian university

partnership program with universities in riau

Pekanbaru, February 11, 2021 – University Relationship Program/URP initiated by PT Chevron Pacific Indonesia (PT CPI) is a cooperation between university in Riau and Malaysia. Through URP Program, Faculty of Engineering, University of Lancang Kuning (Unilak) has signed a memorandum of understanding for joint research / research activities with Faculty of Engineering Studies, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (Unimas) and this event launching was conducted virtually on Thursday (11/2).

The research that will be carried out is entitled Heat Transfer Characteristics of Easter-Palm Oil as Green Electrical Insulation and The Effect of Temperature on The Output of Mono-Crystalline and Poly-Crystalline Solar Panels. The research will be implemented for two years, from January 2021 to December 2022. Joint research with Unilak and Unimas is expected to be able to generate a good research and can be published in international journals. This cooperation also to answers the challenges of the Asean Economic Community (AEC) in the future.

"Through URP Program, PT CPI wants to contribute in improving the quality of human resources and universities in Riau. This collaboration with university from Malaysia is expected to strengthen the quality of research for lecturers in Riau, in this case Unilak, ”said Wan Dedi Yudhistira, PT CPI Manager Corporate Affairs Asset South. In addition to joint research, PT CPI's assistance to Electrical Engineering Unilak this year including improving the quality of lecturers through doctoral education scholarships, improving educational quality such as curriculum evaluation and accreditation, and laboratory equipment development programs.

The signing of Unilak-Unimas memorandum of understanding was virtually attended by Sumbagut SKK Migas Lead Business Support Specialist, Yanin Kholison; and PT CPI Manager Corporate Affairs Assets South Wan Dedi Yudhistira; Dean of the Unilak Faculty of Engineering, Dr. H. Zainuri, ST., MT; and Dean of the Unimas Faculty of Engineering Studies, Prof. Madya Ir. Dr. Siti Noor Linda Taib. "This Unilak-Unimas cooperation supported by Chevron can improve our quality in science and technology, so that in the future it will benefit to all societies," said Siti Noor.

URP program is one of PT CPI’s social investment programs in education, which is funded directly by the Chevron Corporation. URP aims to improve the education quality by increasing the competency of lecturers and students in Riau. The Dean of Faculty of Engineering, Unilak explained that URP program has improved the faculty quality. "Since 2012, the collaboration between PT CPI through URP, we have experienced many quality improvements, both in education and accreditation and we have been accredited B grade and are heading to a better education in the future, "said Zainuri.

Since its launching in 2010, URP Program has achieved various achievements such as collaboration between Japanese Tsukuba University and Riau University Chemical Engineering in 2019. In addition, several lecturers and students of the Petroleum Engineering Study Program at the Islamic University of Riau have participated in an internship program at several well-known universities in South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Saudi Arabia.

Unilak Electrical Engineering is one of the study programs that receives educational assistance from PT CPI through URP Program. There are three other prominent universities in Riau that received assistance: Chemical Engineering, Riau University; Petroleum Engineering, Riau Islamic University; and FMIPA Chemistry, Muhammadiyah Riau University.